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Puff Preservation Update

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Dec. 19th, 2007 | 10:45 pm
location: far away from a sally's

Okay, so I ordered my products.  *drumroll*

I went with Elasta QP's DPR-11 for a moisturing conditioner.  I ordered Aloe Vera gel to mix with water in a spray bottle; i'll use that for daily moisture.  Then I got Treasured Locks Herbal Hair Balm to help in softening it up for styling when it's dry, and also to apply to my scalp.  Another reason I went with that one is because you also use for your body.

On top of that, I decided I needed a new instrument.  The old-as-dirt plastic wide toot comb from Walmart or god knows where probably isn't helping with the breakage issue.  I was stuck between ordering a wooden wide tooth comb, a Denman 4 brush, or this Kakakaki Kombrush doohickey.  I ended up going with the Kombbrush after doing alot of reading up on reviews, it's supposed to be good for detangling and removing shed from black hair...don't go to the official website, just don't.  It's terrible.  If it doesn't work out, I'll be trekking through the perfumy malls looking for a wooden comb.

Reviews to come in about a month.

By the way, it's not there aren't ok hair products here (the local drugstore carries Garnier, wheeee)...but this is an EMERGENCY.  And I didn't have much time to run all over Caracas looking for aloe vera gel and essential oils and whatnot when I only had a few days to make up my mind about what to get from the US. 

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